The Great Uganda Gorilla Safari 2024
July 6–15, 2024
Prices starting at $11,495
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Uganda is located on the equator, but because of its higher elevation the climate is generally very pleasant throughout the year. There are two rainy seasons—the short rains that occur from March to May, and the long rains, which occur from September to November. However, in western Uganda and around Lake Victoria it can rain at almost any time of the year, but rainy spells are usually brief. Even during the rainy seasons, the sun is out most of the time and rain often occurs at night and during the early morning hours. January and February tend to be the warmest and driest months of the year (although there is always a chance of rain). This is especially true in the lower lying areas where wildlife drives, boat trips etc. take place. Despite hot daytime temperatures in lower lying areas, it will be much cooler at night and during time spent at higher altitudes where gorilla treks take place.

Temperatures vary little due to Uganda’s equatorial climate, modified by altitude. The temperature range is from the low 50s to the mid 80s year-round.