Monarch Butterfly Migration Adventure 2025
February 9-14, 2025
Prices starting at $4,995
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Where is the best place to view the monarch migration in Mexico?
Every fall, millions of monarchs travel from Canada and the United States to overwinter in the mountains of Central Mexico at reserves along the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt. We visit both El Rosario Sanctuary and Chincua Sanctuary—forest reserves where dramatic numbers of fluttering butterflies blanket the oyamel fir trees.

When is the best time to visit Mexico to see the most butterflies during the monarch migration?
The monarch population is at its peak from January through March, with March being slightly warmer as the summer season approaches.

What is the weather like in Mexico's Central Highlands during the monarch migration?
In Mexico’s Central Highlands, the weather from January through March is cool and dry, with average temperatures in the mid 50°F range. Days are typically sunny in the mountains, but there can be some windy conditions, and nights occasionally drop below 30°F. Mexico City will be warmer this time of year, because it’s at a lower altitude than the Central Highlands.

What type of clothes should I bring for monarch butterfly viewing?
Rain is always possible, so bring a lightweight, waterproof rain jacket. Layers will be important in the mountainous areas, where you’ll need a fleece jacket, hat and gloves, warm sleepwear, a thermal underlayer, and long pants. Hiking boots or sturdy tennis shoes are also necessary for walking excursions.